KiwiSaver has a branding issue – it’s not a savings account…It’s an investment vehicle.

Our guest for these two episodes is Rupert Carlyon, co-founder of a new digital advice KiwiSaver fund manager called Koura Wealth.

A bit about Rupert:

Rupert has worked in financial service roles his entire career – starting at global investment bank UBS, where he had a slew of roles in London and Auckland. Returning to New Zealand in 2014, Rupert was disappointed to see the KiwiSaver market had not moved on since he left. Seven years on, New Zealanders were still being given the same stock-standard, three-fund offering and he could see that KiwiSaver was not really working for everyone. So he began to look internationally, at companies and technologies that were doing retirement investing right. kōura is the result – a way to give kiwis access to the technology and products to help them achieve their financial goals.


Rupert Carlyon joins me to have a candid discussion around the the vehicle, and the destination that it’s taking us to.

Whether we acknowledge it or not, our KiwiSaver is taking us somewhere. Many of us, including myself until a few years back, are rather apathetic on the topic of KiwiSaver. We’ve set it up, now we’ve moved on to something else. Is that wise?

In this episode, Rupert (one of the co-founders of a digital advice KiwiSaver provider called Koura Wealth), discusses with me some of the habits and mindsets we need to move into, in order to build a better retirement.

Factual information may not enough, even if it’s available in spades, to make a good decision around your financial future. Advice provides another layer for one to make a good decision in light of the facts, about what’s right for them.

The problem with advice is that it’s not freely available, unless there’s a sale on the other end. Providing advice is not a charity especially if humans are employed to deliver it. The result in NZ, and regulation certainly has a huge role to play here btw, is that many Kiwi’s have chosen their KiwiSaver provider without advice.

Digital advice aims to solve part of this problem.

If you want to check out this innovative new start-up KiwiSaver fund manager, visit 


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