What I loved when I first met Kelli Brett, was her comment “oh I think I’m going to like you as I enjoy your sense of humour on social media.”

There was also an almost Kiwi humbleness about this Australian when she insisted that she is still shocked at the reaction in a crowd when she mentions she is the Cuisine Magazine Editor.  I laughed when she said this because she has only been in the country for just over a year and whilst I am also an import, I have learned that the Cuisine magazine is the holy grail of mags for all true foodies in this country. I figured, she is newish to town and whilst a big wig and crazy busy, surely as a compatriot she will give me time for an interview!

What I was not expecting was the hint of constant co-incidences between us.  I wanted to shout throughout the whole interview – but hang on ‘same here’, but hey ‘that happened to me too!’ but I was aware that she herself is a professional and well- practiced interviewer and I needed to keep her focussed on her story – and not mine!

She is worried her story is not enough about food. Yet she mentions her 1200 cookbooks (of which I sighted at least 10%) so that is testimony to her love for food surely. And for heaven sakes we already know she is into food or there is no way any one would have her as Editor of Cuisine.

The fact she also curated the award-winning, Australia Cooks, which chronicles Aussie artisan producers and their food which itself spun from her “The Main Ingredient” food radio programme that aired on the ABC nationally, is enough to put her credentials in perspective.

For you the listener, this is an episode all about the woman behind the brand – and the brand is Kelli Brett.

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