Climate Venture Capital Fund is a new venture investment fund that invests in, you guessed it, climate ventures. It’s the first of its kind in New Zealand and has just made its maiden investment, in Australian energy company MGA Thermal. Vincent is joined by two of the founders of the fund, Rohan MacMahon and Dr Jez Weston. Disclosure: Vincent works for this very fund as an advisor.

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About Climate Venture Capital Fund

Climate Venture Capital Fund is a new venture capital fund established by LWCM, the manager of the well-known tech VC, Punakaiki Fund. CVCF consists of a group of investors, scientists and business people who are committed to accelerating the transition to a low-emissions economy. The fund has more than 70 high-quality investment targets with potential to generate outsized returns and vast emission reductions. CVCF is based in Auckland and has a mandate to invest in emissions reduction technology across Australasia. Its mission is to take advantage of an entirely predictable revolution: the transition to a low emissions future.

About MGA Thermal

MGA Thermal is based in Newcastle, NSW and was founded in 2019. Its mission is to enable the shift to renewable energy by providing a new way to store energy that’s clean, economical, and scalable. The core technology is a newly invented type of thermal storage material, Miscibility Gap Alloys (MGA). These alloys can store a huge amount of energy as heat, in a safe and easy to use way.

The founders Erich Kisi and Alex Post are global experts in MGA materials after nearly a decade of research and development at the University of Newcastle. MGA was recently awarded an Accelerating Commercialisation Grant from the Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation and Science. The grant contributed to its pilot manufacturing plant accommodated in Newcastle.