Jacques Reymond, a composer of ingredients into dishes and dishes into occasions. Known as the founder of modern Australian cuisine, Jacques came to Melbourne over 30 years ago, bringing his well-honed technical skills and intimate knowledge of hospitality which he combined with Australian indigenous ingredients to capture the essence of his new home.

Whilst demanding of those around him, he has expected no less of himself and at 23 he was running the kitchens at a hotel in South America, supervising over 100 chefs, the menu planning and events. Jacques will play an integral part in the upcoming Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, held over 2 weeks from the 31st March 2017. This is an annual event which is much treasured in the food world, showcasing world leading Chefs, fabulous cooking techniques and wonderful ingredients.

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Jacques Restaurants – in Melbourne, Australia are Bistro Gitan and L’Hotel Gitan.

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