Irene Jansen has been a lifestyle chef in Singapore since 2005.

She started with contributing recipes to magazines and conducting cooking classes for small interest groups.

The idea to start a culinary consultancy was sparked when Irene made a visit to the pediatric ward in a Singapore hospital and noticed many children were ill due to the lack of good nutrition. She wondered if more mothers were to adopt the mindset of cooking at home more often, then their kids would be better nourished.

And so – Culinary Adventures was established. Irene made it her mission to bring cooking back into the home kitchen and make cooking quick and easy to cater to busy working mothers like herself.

She conducts live food demonstrations for magazines and schools in Singapore and writes food reviews.

Irene ultimately married her passion for singing and cooking with The Singing Chef, a live culinary musical performance which involves whipping up delicious dishes whilst singing out the recipes.

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