FoodFamilyFriends-WorldPodcasts-smallFood waste is a major issue in New Zealand, although you may not realise it. Every time we throw out food – our bread crusts or last night’s leftovers – it adds up. Love Food Hate Waste wants to change this.

In fact, Kiwi households throw out about 79kgs of food each year which is the equivalent in weight to eight sacks of potatoes. How do we know this? They went through your rubbish.

They gathered bags that were left out on the street for rubbish collection, opened them and separated out the food. They then measured it to get a picture of what Kiwis throw out. It was a gross but important thing to do. Only by realising what a problem food waste is, can we begin to solve it.

Did you know…

Food is wasted at all stages of the supply chain, from what is produced on farms and in factories to the excess that supermarkets throw out. However, the largest proportion of food wasted in New Zealand comes from households. 

Today I am talking to Sarah who is driving the “Love Food, Hate Waste“ initiative in NZ – listen in to see how you too can be involved.

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