EVERYTHING to know when SELLING your home.

Consider this your handy wee insiders guide to selling your home. This is essential listening if it’s your first time selling a home – one of your biggest ‘assets’… Even if you’d done it before, you’ll be better positioned to succeed with this episode under your belt!

Andrew Duncan, real estate adviser and blogger, joins me on this episode to discuss everything you need to know BEFORE you decide to sell your home. 

Even if you don’t hold investment properties that may need to be sold at some stage, you may need to sell your home. Your bank, your friends, your lawyer, and your real estate agent have the combined knowledge you need to understand how the process of selling works from your perspective. In this, rather candid episode, you’re going to here every step involved in selling your home, but not in a ‘tips and tricks’ format – this really is an insiders guide to selling.

In this episode we’ll cover questions like:

How to choose a real estate agent (or do you even need one!?)

Is it best to auction, list by tender, or by negotiation?

Are agents who are ‘team players’ better than the ‘superstars’?

Knee-capping – what is this and when should you watch out for it?

Investing in a marketing campaign

What is ‘Buying a listing’?

Preparing for the auction 

I hope you enjoy this episode, which part 1 of 2 in this practical property series.


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