Co-ops and Kiwi banks – how can a co-operative banking structure create more wealth for the everyday Kiwi?

David Cunningham, CEO of The Cooperative Bank is on the NZ Everyday Investor today to discuss:

  1. How do cooperatives work, especially in the banking world?
  2. The Royal Commission of Inquiry into Banking Misconduct.
  3. Capital Reserve requirements (what is it and why do banks care)?
  4. The role technology plays in transforming a relatively ‘old school’ sector.

The Co-operative Bank has a few unique points of difference – for example:

– When you join, you’re a shareholder, and you get a share of their profits (directly).

-Kids, when you open an account for them, earn 4% (not up to 4% under rare circumstances) up to balances of $4k.

– Fair Rate Credit Card

Check out some of their Youtube videos here: – youth savings – rebates – Fair Rate Credit Card