Bob and Penny – clients of Darcy’s who have journeyed with him for 9 years: From buying their first home, to acquiring two other properties as investments later on. Darcy Ungaro, CEO and founder of Ungaro & Co Financial Services, speaks with Bob and Penny (aka Rob and Jenny) about their journey with property investment.

In just 9 years this couple has achieved amazing success with just three properties. Learn how a hard earned ‘seed’ has already blossomed into a significant level of wealth using leverage and discipline as their tools.

There are successful and not so successful things that we all do with money. Bob and Penny started young, they were careful with their finances, they sought advice, and they worked hard. Listen and learn how they managed to scrape together a deposit for their first home purchase, to where now they can potentially purchase their 4th property – Did I mention they’re only in their early 30’s!?

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