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Hold bitcoin as a hedge against the collapse of the worldwide financial system, or hold it simply for a chance to get a better-than-average return. You don’t have to be an extremist, to hold extreme views with bitcoin – in similar way, you don’t have to hold extreme views on bitcoin if you simply view it as a good asset to hold.

Diversification (at the custody) layer with bitcoin can be incredibly important. While I’d suggest holding bitcoin directly is the way to go for many people, it’s not suitable for everyone. This is why I’ve been so keen to see a provider in NZ take up the challenge of jamming it into KiwiSaver in a way that members control.

So yes, you can now allocate some of your koura KiwiSaver scheme towards bitcoin. Please scroll up again if you would like Ungaro & Co to assist.

*If you use a financial adviser to arrange a KiwiSaver plan, you need to know that a fee will be payable to the adviser from the scheme. In some cases you will pay the fee directly to the adviser via the provider, and in other cases it may be included in the overall fee you pay. This allows you to receive advice independent from the provider at time of set up, and it appoints the adviser to manage your reviews going forward.


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