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As mentioned – find the revised Episode 215 here:

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Of course, industry players like John Bolton, and myself, have a vested interest to see this legislation chucked in the bin. That’s a conflict that should be disclosed here from the outset and while I believe this is more about all Kiwi’s rather than just property owners, that would explain partially at least, why people like us are speaking out about it.

In a world where the free market is significantly restrained however, there are more calls than ever to intervene with even more band aids, instead of ripping them off.

Cameron Bagrie says:

“We can talk about the CCCFA and its unintended consequences etc etc etc, but somebody has got to step in and think about the bigger picture here. An 11% rise in housing debt in 12 months is not normal, it is not sustainable. Income growth has been about 6%. Now that makes absolutely no economic sense to me.”

So are the consequences unintended, or convenient – that’s what I’m wondering.

Shifting more to the political sphere, here’s what Jacinda Ardern wants: We should be ‘…bringing [them] back to levels that we were at only a year or two ago…’

Is it reasonable to assume that as well intentioned as our current government is, that they can actually engineer a soft landing and not over-shoot?

Time will tell…


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