NZ Young Professionals Podcast

NZ Young Professionals Podcast

By Ed McKnight

NZ Economist, Bernard Hickey often bemoans that young New Zealanders don’t care about their own future; they’re not interested in politics or thinking about current events. As the President of the Auckland Young Professionals, a network of over 8000 young urban Aucklanders, I know he is wrong.

The NZ Young Professionals podcast is an answer to both those who don’t believe that my generation cares about our society, and to those young people who want to be involved and engaged, but who don’t currently have a media organisation providing quality content for them.

The NZ Young Professionals podcast is specifically targeted towards young, driven urban professionals. It aims to develop listeners professionally, personally and socially. Come on this journey with us.

Ed McKnight is a spokesperson and champion for New Zealand’s young professionals. He is the President of the Auckland Young Professionals (AYP), and has previously spoken on diversity issues at conferences, including the recent CEO Summit, on a panel which also included Dame Jenny Shipley.

He is a sponsorship expert, having managed high-level sponsorships at the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, and again at AYP.

Before entering the business world, Ed trained as an Opera Singer, appearing on stages with the likes of Dame Kiri Te Kanawa and Andrea Bocelli.

Ed McKnight

President, Auckland Young Professionals

NZ Young Professionals Podcast 15: Eliot Jessep: How to run a business at 22 without starting one

By the age 22, most young professionals might be through to the third year of university, have a few more to go and may not have set plans for the future. Not Eliot Jessep. This young Hamilton based entrepreneur has thrown traditional business advice to the wind, and in this episode shared why you don’t need to follow your passion, and why starting businesses is overrated. Not only that, he gives us this advice for what we should do instead.

NZ Young Professionals Podcast 9: The only female Engineer in the room: Michaela Aspell

Moving to a new city is part of any young professional’s life. For Christchurch Young Professionals secretary, Michaela Aspell, the move brought more than she bargained for.  6 days after making the move from Wellington to Christchurch to study engineering, the Canterbury February Earthquake happened.

In this podcast Michaela discusses everything from the devastating effects of that earthquake, through to what it’s like being a female engineer in a male dominated industry. This is part of our series of interviewing young professionals making their mark on the world.



NZ Young Professionals Podcast 7: The Political Series – David Seymour

Continuing the political series, Ed McKnight interviews Act Party leader, David Seymour. As the youngest party leader in parliament, David is well equipped to talk about issues that impact young professionals.

NZ Young Professionals Podcast 6: Flying the Flag for Young Professionals at the CEO Summit 2017

NZ Young Professionals Podcast Host speaks at the CEO Summit 2017 in his capacity as President of the Auckland Young Professionals. On a panel with Dame Jenny Shipley, Liam Dann, Justine Munroe and Mitchell Pham, he discusses diversity and how it can be applied within organisations.

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