Mason Lockhart joins host Darcy Ungaro to discuss family trusts in NZ. If you’re investing and growing wealth – consider the container you grow it in!

Asset protection and estate planning are the two main functions of family trusts in New Zealand. They used to do so much more than this however and in many cases, people who were advised to set up a family trust, may be surprised to learn that the level of utility offered by these ownership vehicles has qualitatively changed over time.

If you’re growing wealth, you need to consider the container you grow it in. Much like gardening there’s risks associated with growing something in the wrong place – what’s the likelihood of something getting in the hands of the wrong people – what risks are you putting your assets in when you engage in business? If you have a desire to gift your wealth to others and things aren’t that simple, perhaps getting some advice around whether or not a family trust is right for you could be a wise move?

Mason Lockhart LLB.B.Com is the principal of a boutique commercial and property legal practice: Lockhart Legal Limited, which he set up in 2008. Mason has more than 20 years’ professional legal experience advising on a wide range of legal matters.

Mason is a commercial lawyer with a focus on business mergers and acquisitions, and legal advice to a broad range of SME’s. He has a strong practical grounding in advising on all legal aspects of private clients’ personal affairs, including asset protection, estate planning, residential conveyancing and property transactions, wills and estates.

Prior to commencing practice in his firm, Mason was a senior legal counsel for Heineken International in Amsterdam for 6 years, sitting on the management team for the Africa Middle East Region. He was general counsel for DB Breweries Limited in New Zealand before his overseas posting.

Mason has also acted as a company director for several Heineken subsidiaries and is currently a professional trustee for both private clients and charitable trusts.

Now by now, you know that none of our shows can’t be considered financial advice – well this show’s special, in that it can’t be considered legal advice either. For that, we strongly suggest you seek out your own independent legal advice.

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