Managing Director and founder of Shareclarity, Daniel Kieser caught up with Darcy Ungaro, host of NZ Everyday Investor recently – here’s briefly what they covered.

Whilst there’s some work involved when making an investment decision, it shouldn’t be that hard. Shareclarity solves this real world problem – often the company data we rely on isn’t as fresh as it needs to be, or it’s incomplete. Should the best, freshest data be reserved for those deemed to be ‘more important’ than the NZ Everyday Investor? Of course not!

In a world which is pivoting towards transparency, Shareclarity is a tool that can help you easily understand what impact a changing environment can have on your investments. Overseas, new regulation is forcing a separation between banks and equity research firms – what’s potentially a destructive force for the status quo is proving a tremendous opportunity for Shareclarity to profit from regulation.

Daniel and Darcy then discuss the similarities between property investment, and investing in shares – it’s not as different as you might think!

There’s three golden rules:
1 – Are you into it?!
2 – Does it have a ‘terminal value’?
3 – What impact will leverage have?

Apart from the financial, there’s also some non-financial considerations that make investing in equities, potentially a tough bridge to walk across for a typical property investor mindset, specifically, this wee thing called social status.

So what’s Daniel’s background? He has 15 years’ equity research, corporate development and international entrepreneurship experience. He holds degrees in telecommunications, science and ethology (animal behavior) from the universities of Otago and London.

Daniel started his career as a software engineer and financial analyst for TelstraClear before joining ABN Amro as an equity research analyst. He began to focus increasingly on climate change and carbon abatement, which underpinned his move to Asia where he became vice president of Sindicatum Carbon Capital and later, managing director of Asia Renewables. Daniel moved back to New Zealand in 2010 where he led Vector’s corporate development, business analytics and investor relations teams. In 2014 he founded Shareclarity. Apart from business, Daniel loves to ‘go bush’ occasionally back home in South Africa, where he occasionally get’s chased by elephants.


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