NZ Tech Podcast 339: Intel Compute Card, New Macs, Apple HomePod, iPad Pro comes of age, SpaceX recycling

This week: Intel Compute Card, News from Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference highlights incl new Macs, Apple HomePod, iPad Pro comes of age. SpaceX recycling rockets and capsules, 25% of Australians support a cashless society, Dubai’s Robot Cops.
Hosted by Paul Spain and featuring guests Mark Webster and Damien O’Carroll.

NZ Wine Podcast 21 Beaujolais: Wine Regions of France

This session has us exploring the often overlooked Beaujolais region; discovering what makes many wine enthusiasts obsess about these wines. Jean-Christophe Poizat & Marc Taddei take us on a quick journey through the wine regions of France.

Be You – The Fearless Kitchen 53

In this podcast episode I describe my arrival into the USA, as in my 20s I took up a Private Chef role with a family on Cape Cod.

Rural Sector under attack

Rural Sector under attack

This week on Politics in Full Sentences, we speak to former ACT MP and President of Federated Farmers Owen Jennings and ACT’s Deputy Leader Beth Houlbrooke. Why does the current Government not understand the rural sector? How damaging will the Zero Carbon Act and other red tape be for the economy? And is the National Party missing in action on rural issues after voting for the Zero Carbon Bill?

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Free Speech

ACT New Zealand
Politics in Full Sentences – Podcasts NZ
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Your Greatest Asset / Rob Hennin

Your Greatest Asset / Rob Hennin

What is your greatest asset?

It’s you!

Specifically, we’re talking about your health today – nib’s CEO Rob Hennin joins me to discuss.


What’s an asset?

Anything that produces an income.

Financially speaking, you’re the net present value of all future income streams that you can create.

Would it, therefore, make sense to insure your greatest asset?

Today, we’re talking about your health with nib’s CEO, Rob Hennin.

In this episode we cover questions like:

  • Why bother with medical insurance when the public health system is so good?
  • Why bother putting our children on health insurance plans when they likely won’t use it?
  • Why do my premiums keep going up?

In addition to having Rob speak on today’s session, I’ve included a bonus 7-step checklist around medical insurance. From the perspective of an insurance adviser, I’ve prepared this as a general tool to provide a base level of knowledge for anyone, and their family, to listen to to get up to speed on all the important questions to ask.

Should you wish to find out more about nib, please visit their website here

Should you desire to be introduced to an insurance adviser in your area, please email me on darcy.ungaro@nzeverydayinvestor.com

As with every episode, please do not act on any ‘guidance’ you receive by listening to these podcasts – get your own individual advice based on your personal circumstances before making a decision around medical insurance.



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A Kiwi World Champion: On The Tee Golf NZ Podcast 15

A Kiwi World Champion: On The Tee Golf NZ Podcast 15

Hosts Brendan Telfer and Tom Hyde talk with professional Long Driver, Phillis Meti, an Aucklander who won her first of three World Long Drive Championships in 2006, at the age of 19. She hits a golf ball farther than any other woman in the world, once recording a drive of 379 metres (414 yards). How did she get started, what gear does she use and where is her career headed now?

Listen now:

Rural Sector under attack

NZ First scandal, changes to rental law, and the continued failure of the gun ‘buy-back’

This week on Politics in Full Sentences, we talk to ACT Leader David Seymour and Deputy Beth Houlbrooke. What does the NZ First scandal mean for its political future? Will changes to rental laws do anything to help fix the housing crisis? And are Police now admitting that the gun ‘buy-back’ has been a complete failure?

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Make-your-own KiwiSaver

Make-your-own KiwiSaver

Make your own KiwiSaver – that’s right! Ryan Goldsmith, from Craigs Investment Partners, joins me to discuss how it all works…and more!

“KiwiSaver is the best financial gateway-drug on the market.”


As a tool to increase financial capability among everyday NZ’ers, KiwiSaver has done great things. But self-employed people have been left behind and that needs to change. Perhaps if this type of investment vehicle had a bit more customization potential it could appeal more to these non-PAYE mavericks? What if there was a DIY, make-your-own KiwiSaver out there?

Wait…there is!

Ryan Goldsmith joins me today from Craig’s Investment Partners. What I like about Ryan, an authorised financial adviser, is that he’s an everyday guy – heck, he used to work at a pub just up the road from me!

Financial advisers are not always bald, white, drunk and fat – sometimes they’re normal people. This is good.

In this podcast we discuss:

How to create a KiwiSaver fund that is as unique as you are…a very special snowflake…ahhhwww

How to invest in gold using KiwiSaver

The benefits of paying attention to KiwiSaver

Special message to self-employed people

As per this episode, if you’re not enrolled in KiwiSaver and you’re self-employed, you need to deal with this now. Contact Ryan, or someone like Ryan, or check out many of the other options out there to get enrolled with KiwiSaver now.

Wealth-Building When You’re Self-Employed

Wealth-Building When You’re Self-Employed

Without dealing with the ‘crap’ properly, all the admin and complexity associated with being self-employed, independent earners, can often be excluded from actually building wealth.

The Problem:

Without dealing with the ‘crap’ properly, all the admin and complexity associated with being self-employed, independent earners can often be excluded from actually building wealth.

Just like the invention of the toilet propelled the human race towards bigger and better things, independent earners also need help to deal with their crap if they’re going to have a chance to build wealth like their employed counterparts.

Hatch and Hnry joined forces recently, along with Tom Hartmann from the Commission For Financial Capability to bring today’s episode into your ears. I was involved in hosting a panel discussion exploring some of the problems and some of the solutions now available to those problems:

KiwiSaver: An example.

If you were an employee aged 30 yrs old on $75k pa, with a $30k balance today, invested in a high growth fund you may end up with $1m at retirement. Almost enough for a Lamborghini right?

If you were self-employed as above, but contributing 3% on your own with no employer contributions, you’d be about $240k worse off at retirement.

The current system, which is doing great don’t get me wrong, was designed for employees – and with the growing number of contractors working in NZ, there’s a growing problem begging for a better solution.

The Solution?

The above is actually the best-case scenario as it assumes the self-employed person has KiwiSaver but, in reality, many self-employed people are stuck in a cycle of doing boring admin and can’t consistently allocate enough to invest regularly. There stuck dealing with crap, which could one day rob them of their Lambo (or worldwide cruise?)  Hnry can assist by allocating a % of each payment towards investments (like KiwiSaver or Hatch). What a great example of NZ innovation coming to the rescue!

Inclusive Investing / Natalie Ferguson and Kristen Lunmen

Inclusive Investing / Natalie Ferguson and Kristen Lunmen

Often the very thing that stops you from participating with investing, is the very thing that could make you good at it…

That’s right, perhaps your biggest weakness, is actually you’re strength

In today’s episode, Kristen and Natalie from Hatch Invest, join me to have a discussion about…

What makes women good at investing?

How to turn your weakness into a strength

The importance of finding your tribe.

Often when the word ‘inclusive’ and ‘diversity’ are thrown about, you’re mind could easily go towards thinking this is all about just women, but it’s not. There are many groups (and many individuals who don’t even fit into a group) who currently feel (and are) excluded from the world of investing.

In any given household, it’s not uncommon to find that one party is the dominating influence when it comes to making financial decisions, but that one party is not always the most competent. It’s important that there’s an equal opportunity given to all decision-makers in the family with respect to building wealth. Why? Because often the ones who currently don’t play the game are actually going to be pretty good at it when they make a start!

Hatch Invest is one of NZ’s leading online investment platforms that provides an option to buy fractions of US Shares simply and in a cost-effective way. Check them out using the following affiliate link and help support the NZ Everyday Investor Podcast.

Rural Sector under attack

Damien Grant on welfare, the National-Labour political duopoly, and the worst policies of the Labour Government.

This week, Max Whitehead interviews Beth Houlbrooke and Damien Grant. We discuss National’s welfare manifesto which adopts a couple of ACT ideas, but is mostly Labour-lite. The National-Labour political duopoly: what are the consequences for New Zealand and how do we break it? And, it’s been two years since Labour took office. What has been the Government’s most damaging policy?

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Christopher Keys: Gibbston Valley Winery – NZ Wine Podcast 58

Christopher Keys: Gibbston Valley Winery – NZ Wine Podcast 58

It’s a wide ranging and diverse conversation from Russian literature and life lessons to English cricket with some Hawkes Bay and Oregon influences. Christopher Keys is the Head Winemaker at Gibbston Valley Winery in Central Otago.

Listen to the Podcast Here: 


Music track featured on this podcast: ‘Kuaz’ – courtesy of Brent Page

Digital Advice – The Robots ARE Coming / Clive Fernandes

Digital Advice – The Robots ARE Coming / Clive Fernandes

Yes, the Robots are Coming!

Clive Fernandes joins me on the podcast today to discuss where digital advice is and what the next steps are on the road to truly artificially intelligent financial advice. The digital advice we are talking about today is not just a streamlined user experience via your banks app – we’re talking about a method of delivery for unbiased, personalised advice, that can help the everyday Kiwi make better financial decisions.

When we imagine the ‘new world’, it can often be a mixed bag of excitement and also a bit of fear.

As two very wise Kiwi philosophers once said…

“It is the distant future

The year 2000

The world is quite different

Ever since the robotic uprising

Of the late nineties

There is no more unhappiness”

Flight of the Conchords

Perhaps the ‘problems’ of the future will no longer exist. Perhaps we won’t even care.

For some of us, the change is not going to happen fast enough, for others, if they knew how much the landscape has already changed they would be genuinely surprised. In the world of the robotic uprising to come, the chaos will re-arrange things in (hopefully ) a better way, but there could be some disruption along the way. Current market participants and regulators need to get up to speed in order to protect consumers and foster genuine innovation.

As with all the great technology companies of our age like the FAANG group of companies (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google), the primary reason why they have been such a fast success is the ability to scale their business models digitally.

Thinking about the worlds financially ‘un-reached’, who don’t have access to financial services (like even a bank account), which is around 1/3 of our population – digital currencies are levelling the playing fields. Banks no longer own the rights to operate in this space – the FIN in fintech is being replaced by the TECH in techfin. Digital will eventually eat the status quo.

In New Zealand, there are many providers who make it easy to sign up for KiwiSaver and provide a good level of general information and product advice. That’s awesome, but it’s kind of one-dimensional.

Clive is the founder of National Capital, a new firm that has a mission to reach 1 million Kiwi’s with high quality financial advice – ultimately this is advice that will help more people to build wealth that will see them through retirement.

Search for ‘The Everyday Investor’ on YouTube to watch the video content of this episode.